2020 was a challenging one for all of us and this was no different for KawiSafi and its portfolio. Our portfolio companies faced supply disruptions, lockdowns across sales markets, cashflow difficulties among their client base, and material health risks to their staff. Through all of this, we have been impressed with the resilience and leadership shown across our portfolio in the face of a global pandemic. When looking back, 2020 was a year where we as a Fund and our portfolio managed to continue a solid growth trajectory.

Our team is delighted to report on the Fund’s progress and highlights in the attached. Some highlights to note:

  • In 2020, KawiSafi made three new investments in BioLite , Angaza , and InspiraFarms. This takes the Fund a significant step forward in delivering on its goal of contributing to universal energy access at scale. The portfolio now includes eight of the leading disruptive technology companies driving renewable energy access in East Africa.
  • Our portfolio impacted an additional 35 million lives and averted over 7 million tons of CO2e in 2020. In our fifth year as a Fund, across our portfolio cumulatively we have now reached 99 million people with access to clean and affordable energy services and averted 16 million tons of CO2e.

For this report, we are delighted to share reflections from some of our entrepreneurs and collaborators:

  • Victoria Arch (COO, Angaza) reflects on lessons learned during the pandemic and how the team at Angaza have adapted to the new circumstances;
  • Louise Gardiner (Co-Founder, Vukani Impact Collective) discusses how ESG can become a value driver for impact investors and portfolio companies; and
  • Anthony Mburu (Founder, Enerstore Africa) reflects on the future of battery storage in East Africa and how it can unlock renewable energy access.

We look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback on any content in the report. In the meantime we wish you, your families and colleagues all the very best.